Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Regents give Snow College OK to pursue student housing in Richfield

The Utah State Board of Regents on Friday authorized Snow College to participate in a public-private partnership to develop 100 units of student housing on its Richfield campus.

The housing will be developed on college property. The campus is landlocked by I-70, Richfield High School and well-established residential neighborhoods to the north and south. Under the agreement, a private developer will build and maintain the housing units and parking lots. Snow College will lease the land to the developer at low cost and provide lease payments to the winning bidder from housing fees paid by students. The facility would become college property at the end of the 40-year agreement. Deseret News

Glenwood nabs $1 million grant

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board voted June 14, to award the Town of Glenwood a $1 million grant for pedestrian crossings to the town hall, post office, retirement home and religious buildings as part of a flood control improvement plan.

In addition, Sigurd was awarded a $121,000 grant for installation of chip seal and crack seal to multiple town streets and Annabella was awarded a $30,000 grant to complete a roadway and infrastructure analysis to assist with maintenance, preservation and planning. Richfield Reaper

Site outside Milford chosen for experimental geothermal power project

The federal government is planning to spend up to $140 million toward plans at the University of Utah to research and develop a new method for extracting geothermal energy from the earth. The U.S. Department of Energy picked the windswept area northwest of Cedar City to expand the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy, or FORGE, with hopes of developing a more efficient way to use the earth's heat to meet electricity needs.

The plan involves drilling two 8,000-foot wells into the ground beneath the site. Water is sent underground into the heat of the earth and then drawn back up to the surface, where its steam can be used to move a turbine and generate electricity. The Spectrum

Rocky Mountain Power funds middle school renewable energy project

Rocky Mountain Power presented North Sanpete Middle School with a check for $576,224 to launch the largest Blue Sky renewable energy project in over a decade. The project includes a 206-kilowatt solar array that will generate approximately 80 percent of the school’s energy. The project also includes an electric vehicle charging station and a battery energy storage system that will be charged using excess solar power during the day as it helps meet the school’s energy needs even on cloudy days. Deseret News

Monday, May 21, 2018

Ephraim ServerPlus looking for employees

ServerPlus, a customer service and tech support company that caters to internet service providers and other tech clients, opened a call center in downtown Ephraim in November and is currently hiring. The call center is different than some others in the area, because people call in looking for help from the ServerPlus broadband support technicians, as opposed to making outbound calls. Sanpete Messenger

Two construction projects underway on I-70

Construction on Interstate 70 from exit 37 to exit 40 in Richfield has resumed. The project started at the end of May 2017 and was initially anticipated to be completed by November 2017, according to the Utah Department of Transportation. Construction ended Dec. 7, 2017 with 80 percent of the project completed at that time. The $10 million project recommenced March 19, and is expected to wrap up May 21.

The Utah Department of Transportation is also beginning a bridge preservation project between Cove Fort and Sevier, milepost 7 to 21. Work is planned to begin approximately three miles west of the Fremont Indian State Park, mileposts 12 to 15 in early April, according to UDOT officials.

With 14 bridges, the project is the largest hydro-demolition project undertaken by UDOT to date. It is on an accelerated schedule to remove and reconstruct the driving surface on the 14 bridges in less than two years, by the end of 2019. Richfield Reaper

Willow Creek Road interchange expanding

Construction on the interchange between U.S. Highway 89 and Willow Creek Road north of Salina is expected to commence this spring. Turn and acceleration lanes are being added to help improve safety in the area. The $6 million project is being split between the county’s special service district number one and UDOT. The SSD uses mineral lease funds for road improvements in the county. Richfield Reaper

Magnum Solutions Expanding in Millard County

Magnum Solutions, LLC was recently approved for several conditional use permits that would allow their operations to expand while keeping in line with the county’s vision of growth and development, after careful review. The company owns the largest underground propane and butane storage facility in the western United States.

In addition, Magnum has made significant progress toward the launch of three new businesses in the past few months. On March 30, Magnum closed on a joint venture with a former company, Magnum NGLs, now Sawtooth NGL Storage Caverns, LLC to advance on a new business- refined products storage. Refined products include gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation fuel.

In the coming months, Magnum and Sawtooth will be working closely with the county to obtain the necessary permits to incorporate the refined products business with the existing facility.

Magnum also received notice in the past two weeks that they have passed to the next round in the process for Southern California Public Power Authority’s request for proposal to develop a compressed air energy storage facility at Delta. The significance of the CAES technology is that CAES captures intermittent renewable generation and shapes the product into reliable and dispatchable electricity.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which is the major participant in IPP, is part of SCPPA. This is significant for Magnum as they are now engaged in discussions with California power entities for the construction of 160- megawatt CAES plant at the Western Energy Hub, said James.

The development of a CAES plant in Delta will not only support energy security and reliability throughout the Western U.S., but also create jobs in Millard County. Millard County Chronicle Progress

State funds could help save port but railway plans falter

During the legislative session, Utah lawmakers committed $1.65 million in tax dollars to join in a lawsuit aimed at forcing the City of Oakland in California to permit a seaport where Central Utah coal could be put on ships for export to Asia. But the other half of the project, a new railway linking Central Utah to the Union Pacific line running to the West Coast, may be getting left by the wayside. And abandonment of the rail line could blunt much of the economic benefit Central Utah anticipated from a two-pronged rail-and-port development. The $1.65 million was appropriated to help pay the costs of a lawsuit that Phil Tagami, head of the proposed Oakland seaport, has filed against the City of Oakland. Sanpete Messenger