Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Feds contribute $1 million to repair Ephraim tunnel

Renovation of the Ephraim Tunnel will proceed thanks to $1 million in federal funding on its way. Ephraim Irrigation Company and Ephraim City have joined together to upgrade Ephraim Tunnel, owned by the Bureau of Reclamation, and also to change the delivery of Gobblefield Ditch to piping rather than an open canal. Sanpete Messenger

New Manti sports complex is a go

Manti City was granted approval of the funding request for their proposed sports complex. An application to the CIB for money to create a sports complex in Manti was approved. The proposal requested $3 million in a combination loan and grant. It was approved for $1.5 million in grant and $1.5 million in a low-interest loan. The location of the sports complex has not yet been determined. Sanpete Messenger

Fountain Green gets funds for new park facilities

The city park in Fountain Green will see some notable improvements thanks to diligent fundraising, some generous donations and a recent grant from the Community Impact Board (CIB). The city plans to erect a 910-square foot building in the park with both a concessions area on the south side and bathrooms on the north side. Sanpete Messenger

Family business brings organic eating to Spring City

Zona Barrio Grill, a new Mexican restaurant and steakhouse located in Spring City, focuses on cooking Mexican food made with organic, nonGMO ingredients and bearing the regional influence of Tucson and the surrounding Sonoran Desert.

Zona Artisan Foods is the owner’s primary business, launched initially to create quality organic Mexican foods to be sold nationally through the Green Polka Dot Box, a local online retailer of organic foods. Sanpete Messenger

Sevier County Housing Market Report released by ERA Brokers

Highlights of the report:
  • New listings dropped by 18 percent from May 2014. 
  • Closed sales increased 22 percent. 
  • Inventory contracted by 27 percent. 
Sevier County Market Report

Community Impact Board funds several Sanpete projects

The town of Sterling will undertake a major road renovation project with the help of $300,000 funding from the Utah Community Impact Board (CIB). The funding, which comes from mineral lease royalties returned to the state by the federal government, will help the town chip-seal and pave a number of roads in town, including the one surrounding the town cemetery. The city will not receive the $300,000 CIB grant until October.

In the most recent round of CIB funding, Mt. Pleasant received a combined grant/loan to build the swimming pool complex it has been contemplating for more than three decades, and Fairview got a combined grant/loan to finish rebuilding its city hall. Fayette, which received $450,000 from the CIB, plans to space its road work out into several phases. Sanpete Messenger

Friday, July 17, 2015

Utah's Employment Situation for June 2015

Utah's Employment Situation for June 2015 has been released on the web.

Find the Current Economic Situation in its entirety here.

For charts and tables, including County Employment, go to the Employment and Unemployment page.

Next update scheduled for August 18, 2015.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

U of U plans $6.4 M telescope array expansion

To investigate the energy-dense cosmic rays, they will need to update their toolkit, including the $25 million Telescope Array observatory near Delta. The expansion will require an additional $6.4 million, the University of Utah announced. Japan has stepped up to help, sending over $4.6 million to quadruple the 300-square-mile observatory near Delta. A National Science Foundation grant this fall is expected to cover the $1.8 million difference. The observatory is the only one of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. The planned expansion would make the telescope array nearly as big and as sensitive as its rival, the Pierre Auger cosmic ray observatory in Argentina. Together, the two arrays monitor the northern and southern skies. Salt Lake Tribune

Ephraim to repair tunnel

Ephraim City has received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to repair a 7,000-foot tunnel that passed under Skyline Drive. The tunnel is deteriorating to the point that portions have collapsed. Approximately 65 percent of the city’s drinking water flows through the tunnel. In addition, a $1.87 million loan from the Utah Division of Water Resources and $330,000 in local matching funds will be applied to the $3 million total price tagged for repairing the tunnel and upgrading Cobble Field ditch. Work on the two repair projects could begin this autumn. Sanpete Messenger