Monday, December 4, 2017

Profiling Utahns with Disabilities

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sevier County EWP projects completed

The final portion of an emergency watershed project — a detention basin at the mouth of Flat Canyon — was completed earlier this fall. The final EWP structure is designed to capture sediment and debris, and prevent flooding. However, since that time some sediment and debris filled some 13 feet of the barrow pit. The result is that debris and water from flash flood events continued to move downstream.

Some 14,000 cubic yards of rocks and boulders were brought into the project to act like filters for debris and sediment. The flood detention structure is designed so that floodwaters will have to pass through two rock structures, which will capture debris.

The series of projects represent a combined investment of $3.2 million, including some $800,000 worth of county contributions. The majority of the projects were funded through the NRCS. Other projects include flood mitigation projects along the Quitchupah Road, Cedar Ridge and Willow Creek. Richfield Reaper

Richfield Airport reaching final stages

The Richfield City Council approved plans to move ahead with the final components of its airport upgrade and expansion. A new building is designed to house snow removal equipment and the airport’s new terminal. It represents the final big-ticket item for the airport expansion project, but fencing along some areas of the airport, as well as concrete that will tie the new terminal and parking areas together need to be completed. The estimated cost of the final piece of construction is some $103,000.

The FAA pays just over 90 percent on these projects with money matched by the Utah Department of Transportation, Richfield City’s obligation to complete the concrete project would be some $5,000.

The council voted to approve the project. One caveat on the project is that the Federal Aviation Administration funds are not yet secured, but the project can move forward once they are available. Richfield Reaper

Fountain Green Medical holds open house

The Fountain Green Medical Clinic, an extension of Central Valley Medical Center, held an open house to celebrate a newly completed expansion and remodel of its facility.

With the project complete, the clinic has an additional three exam rooms, a new procedure room, and larger laboratory and x-ray rooms. The facility’s reception area and waiting rooms have also been remodeled. Construction started in June. Sanpete Messenger

Sanpete sees large increase in home starts

Sanpete County is on track to have a record year for new home start-up construction. Permits issued for single family dwellings are set to increase by 20 percent in 2017 above the number in 2016, according to statistics kept by the Sanpete County Building Department. According to county officials, most construction is occurring from Mt Pleasant north: Fountain Green, Moroni, Fairview and Milburn. Most of the new permits are also for single family residences. But although home construction is spiking, there does not seem to be much of an increase in new business construction. Sanpete Messenger

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Richfield partners for alley project

The Richfield City Council agreed to help State Bank of Southern Utah rebuild an alley in preparation for a new facility for the bank. The alley, located at 50 West between Center Street and 100 South in Richfield is located directly west of State Bank’s current parking lot.

State Bank is preparing to tear down its current facility, as well as a neighboring building, and build a completely new building in the same location. The estimated cost of rebuilding the alley is some $78,000. The Richfield City Council voted to allow the city to pay up to $39,000, or approximately half, to help upgrade the alley. Richfield Reaper

Gunnison land use amendment opens door to solar energy

Gunnison City has passed a temporary land use regulation allowing commercial-scale solar energy facilities in the city and has approved a conditional use permit for the first solar installation on land owned by ACT Aerospace.

The council took the action even though it would result in a loss to Gunnison City of approximately $20,000 per year, because the city would no longer receive franchise fees on power Rocky Mountain Power sells to ACT. According to discussion at the council meeting, about $6,000 per year would come in from property taxes on the installation, but that would still leave a net revenue loss to the city. Currently, power franchise fees are earmarked for subsidizing the Gunnison swimming pool.

The temporary land use regulation, which was approved for 180 days, opens the door for commercial-scale solar generating facilities to be built in the Gunnison industrial park at the north end of the city. The new regulation does not allow solar-power generation in any other zone and does not approve it for residential use. The temporary regulation was the first hurdle in ACT going solar, which it plans to do by bringing in an independent solar power development company, which will be called Gunnison Solar, LLC.

Gunnison Solar plans to build a solar panel array on 13 acres of ACT land and then lease the solar equipment to ACT. ACT will then draw power from the solar installation with the goal of meeting 85 percent of its power needs. Even with the temporary land use regulation approved, a conditional use permit is required for each individual facility, leaving who can and can’t install a solar array in the city at the discretion of the city council. Sanpete Messenger

Developers transforming train ‘junkyard’ into ‘railroad suites’

People traveling through the south end of Mt. Pleasant will notice a collection of train cars just off Main Street west of the city park. In a year, the boxcars will be transformed and will be in use as motel suites. The plan began to take more shape last weekend as several of the 37-ton boxcars were lifted into place by a crane along a segment of railroad track that had been installed earlier as their new home.

Developers point to a similar project they’ve worked on for several years. They also developed Track 89, a railcar motel near Big Rock Candy Mountain in Marysvale Canyon south of Richfield. The project is a public-private partnership. Its location makes sense: adjacent to what is known as the old railroad depot, which features a historic caboose and historic station that has been repurposed as an information center and merchant shop.

The city contributed several thousands of dollars to the recent renovation of the depot station, which opened last June as Heartfelt Hobby and Craft. The store will be the registration and check-in facility for Track 89 North during the day. After-hours registration, as well as housecleaning service, will be provided through an arrangement with Horseshoe Mountain Lodge across the street. Sanpete Messenger

Sevier Valley Hospital current construction phases nearing end

Construction on three key areas of Sevier Valley Hospital is nearing completion. First is the new women and children’s center, which includes modern, comfortable delivery rooms. The women’s center is set to open this week. The next project is a post operation recovery area. This is a space designed for those who have outpatient surgeries to have a place to recover without being admitted into the hospital for an overnight stay.

The final project at the hospital that is nearing completion is the new emergency department. Designed to address privacy concerns and to give doctors and staff more room to work, the new emergency department is on schedule to open in October. Included in the emergency department is a pair of observation rooms, which are for patients that may not need immediate critical care.

Once the new areas in the hospital are open, the second phase of the emergency department will be able to begin. The old emergency room will be remodeled and better integrated into the new parts of the hospital. The schedule calls for the second phase to be completed in April 2018. In addition to upgrading the physical facilities for the hospital, SVH is also actively engaged in recruiting more doctors for the area. Richfield Reaper