Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New 2010 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates available

The Census Bureau has just released new poverty estimates for small areas (counties and school districts). Estimates are model-generated and use data from the American Community Survey, 2010 Census data, and administrative data. The estimates also include figures for median household income.
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As you can see, most counties in Utah exhibit low-to-moderate levels of poverty. San Juan, Iron, Piute, and Sanpete County show the highest poverty shares (all above 18 percent), while Morgan, Daggett, Summit, Wasatch, and Davis counties display the lowest poverty rates (8 percent or lower). Not surprisingly, with the exception of Daggett County, low-poverty counties tend to have high median household incomes.

You can access the full set of estimates by clicking here.

Note: We are experimenting with interactive display software (Tableau). You should be able to download, examine, and sort the data in the chart by using the icons in the toolbar below the graphic.