Friday, September 24, 2010

August Unemployment Rates Released for Utah's Counties

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate estimates for most counties edged up slightly in August 2010--just as did the state rate. Keep in mind that the unemployment rate is a "lagging" indicator. In other words, unemployment rates typically don't start decreasing until an expansion is clearly underway.

Counties with the highest unemployment rates include San Juan (12.9 percent), Garfield and Grand counties (both at 10.8 percent), and Juab County (10.0 percent). Both Garfield and Grand counties have notable seasonal, tourist-related employment which contributes to the higher rates.

Counties with the lowest unemployment rates include Cache (5.6 percent), Rich (5.8 percent), Millard (6.3 percent) and Uintah (6.5 percent) counties. Utah's jobless rate for August measured 7.4 percent while the U.S. figure was 9.6 percent. Only five Utah counties registered higher unemployment than the national average.

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