Friday, June 24, 2016

Snow College plans to expand, enhance its campuses

Snow College leaders see a future with updated athletic facilities, new classroom buildings and student housing, additional course offerings and contiguous footprints that tie into the biking and walking paths of its surrounding cities. While there are no plans for Snow to mimic sister Utah colleges that have adopted four-year formats in the past decade, administrators see a need for an enhanced campus and community experience.

Utah's Board of Regents recently approved a new master plan for Snow College. It identifies locations for potential new buildings, which would fill in some of the geographical gaps between existing campus structures. While most additions are decades away, other projects are expected to begin in the next few years.

The master plan anticipates that Snow will partner with a private developer to build dorms in Richfield, and the administration could begin accepting bids near the end of this year.

At the Ephraim campus, construction has begun on a new science building, scheduled to open in fall 2017. The school hopes to begin next year with a series of phased updates to Snow's football stadium, adding lighting for night events, concessions and updated bathroom and locker-room space. The college also wants to transform the segment of Ephraim's Center Street that runs through campus by adding parking and links to bike and pedestrian paths. Salt Lake Tribune