Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Community Impact Board funds several Sanpete projects

The town of Sterling will undertake a major road renovation project with the help of $300,000 funding from the Utah Community Impact Board (CIB). The funding, which comes from mineral lease royalties returned to the state by the federal government, will help the town chip-seal and pave a number of roads in town, including the one surrounding the town cemetery. The city will not receive the $300,000 CIB grant until October.

In the most recent round of CIB funding, Mt. Pleasant received a combined grant/loan to build the swimming pool complex it has been contemplating for more than three decades, and Fairview got a combined grant/loan to finish rebuilding its city hall. Fayette, which received $450,000 from the CIB, plans to space its road work out into several phases. Sanpete Messenger