Thursday, April 24, 2014

Energy Capital’s Solar Farm

A small forest of solar panels could soon spring up on the rolling hills east of the Intermountain Power Plant north of the Brush Highway. Energy Capital Group is completing all of the requirements to install a 300 Megawatt solar plant. It will cover an area one-half mile by 4.5 miles on land leased from the Utah School and Institutional Trust Land Administration (SITLA). The 1754-acre site will use single axis photovoltaic solar panels to capture sunlight converting it into a flow of electrons. With single axis tracking systems, the panels can turn around the center axis, for maximum production.

The $600 million solar farm will employ from 200 to 250 people during construction. Case said the jobs are such that it should allow a lot of local people to work on the construction phase. He said permanent operations and maintenance jobs will number about six-to-ten people. Millard County Chronicle