Wednesday, March 19, 2014

300-megawatt solar plant crosses regulatory threshold in Millard County

A conditional-use permit outlining operational requirements for what would be Utah's first utility-scale commercial solar field was issued to a Provo-based company. Energy Capital Group received a go-ahead endorsement by the Millard County Commission for its 300-megawatt solar project called ECG Utah Solar 1.

The $600 million project is on 1,754 acres leased from the Utah School and Institutional Trust Land Administration and includes a transmission easement to the Intermountain Power Project about a mile away. Utah Solar 1 plans to tap into the Intermountain project switchyard, where a high-voltage transmission line, the Southern Transmission System, goes directly to Adelanto, Calif. The project will be considered an in-state or in-state equivalent for meeting California's renewable energy standard of 33 percent because the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is the "balancing" authority at the Millard County switchyard. Deseret News