Monday, March 19, 2012

Sevier County power plant proposal awaiting state review

Organizers of a proposal to build a natural gas-fueled power plant near Sigurd continue to work through various processes required for the construction of the facility. First on the agenda, is the plant is required to be reviewed by the Utah Division of Air Quality. The application for an air quality permit for the power plant was submitted in September 2011, and has continued to work its way through the review process.

According to company officials, the permit application has been submitted to federal land regulation agencies, such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Those agencies have provided feedback on the permit application, and now the DAQ is incorporating that feedback into the permit.

Concurrently, Sevier Power is working to build a new natural gas line that will supply the fuel to the facility. The line will have to be larger than those that already are in the area. The company has filed for a feasibility study. Once the studies are complete, and the permits in place, it could still take up to a year before ground is broken on the project.Bids for various portions of the construction of the plant will have to be submitted, as well as the final engineering. The power plant, if constructed, would also bring approximately $3.2 million in tax revenue to Sevier County each year. Richfield Reaper