Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow College unveils plans for Richfield Campus

Snow College's future - including the Richfield campus - was discussed during a public meeting Jan. 18 in Richfield. "Our goal is to double enrollment at this campus," said Snow College President Scott Wyatt. He detailed a plan, which is designed to implement mandates from the Legislature, as well as the Utah State Board of Regents. Wyatt explained the state's 2020 plan, which calls for three goals - increase the number of people going to college, help a larger proportion graduate and economic innovation by being more engaged with industry.

One of the changes on the Richfield campus Wyatt announced is the development of five new career and technology programs. Several CTE programs have been cut from the school's offerings in the past three years, and the new programs are part of a refocusing effort. The programs include industrial technology, manufacturing, facility maintenance, mining technology and energy technology. Another new program involving the Richfield campus is a natural resources management degree. Another new program for Snow students is a commercial music program. Richfield Reaper