Thursday, July 28, 2011

June 2011 County-level Unemployment Rates Available

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has just released updated unemployment rates for June 2011. Following the statewide trend, most counties experienced a very slight uptick in joblessness or remained stable. The current gains are small enough to be accounted for by statistical variability rather than an actual increase in overall joblessness--particularly since Utah is continuing to show net expansion in jobs. On the other hand, this minor increase may reflect that fact that--perceiving an improved economy--previously discouraged workers have returned to their job searches.

Counties with the lowest unemployment rates included Cache, Uintah, Millard, Duchesne, and Rich counties. Millard County proved the outlier as Cache and Rich counties are located in the northern part of Utah and Duchesne and Uintah counties are neighbors in the Uintah Basin.

The worst jobless rates were encountered in Juab, Wayne, Grand, Garfield, and San Juan counties. Rates in Grand and Garfield counties appear perennially high due to the seasonal nature of a high percentage of employment.

To access the full set of unemployment rates, click here.