Monday, October 4, 2010

Mt. Pleasant may bond to help bring in new business

A fertilizer company from Oklahoma is interested in opening a plant in Mt. Pleasant and a mine in Milburn which, combined, would employ up to 50 workers.
Mt. Pleasant Redevelopment Agency Chairman Monte Bona told the city’s redevelopment board during its Sept. 14 meeting that Humate Technologies was asking the city to sponsor a bond to enable the company to open a fertilizer processing plant in town and reopen a mine in Milburn.

Humate Technologies wants to house its operations in the building formerly occupied by King’s Outdoor World, which manufactures hunting clothing and accessories. Howard Turrel, Humate Technologies CEO, says the company bought the land for its mine in Milburn in 1968. The company operated a pilot research plant in Spanish Fork until the mid eighties. It was closed due to low demand for humates. Since then, the market has improved dramatically, especially on the West Coast. The company will begin design work as soon as the bond is issued, according to Turrel. The mine will be scheduled to reopen in the spring. Sanpete Messenger