Monday, February 8, 2010

New heritage area progressing

The "Mormon corridor," a 250-mile swath of central and southern Utah, is dotted with small towns whose history will be preserved through a plan to increase tourism and economic development. At least, that is the intent of the management plan for the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area, which was created by federal statute in 2006, and covers parts of six southern Utah counties and communities along 400 miles of highway. Snow College in Ephraim will serve as an anchor for the heritage area: It will house the $13 million Karen H. Huntsman Library and Heritage Plaza, being built with help from the former Utah first lady's foundation. Up to $10 million was authorized by the act creating the heritage area, but community chapters must provide matching funds. The long-term budget for all projects included the management plan exceeds $50 million, according to the proposed management plan. So far heritage groups in the area have raised about $19.1 million toward the projects. The Salt Lake Tribune